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Kirkes Electric, Inc. has been serving the Central Valley and neighboring areas since 1949. We serve a wide variety of residential and commercial categories while providing exceptional customer care. Contact us today and find out how we can help you with all your electrical needs!

Introducing G!:

A family of products designed to provide more convenience, comfort and peace-of mind than you ever thought possible. Personalized to fit your specific lifestyle, these solutions range from simple family room control to full whole-home entertainment and management – even remote monitoring of vacation homes.

And best of all, with g! – whether you’re moving around the room or around the globe, the system is just as easy to use. Thanks to its uniform look and feel, no matter what g! interface you touch, it will simply feel like home.

Think of the things you do to get ready in the morning: turn on the lights, check the weather and traffic reports, maybe even turn on the morning news. g! delivers your world at a glance with a personalized dashboard for your home. Customize your screen with the things you use most such as weather forecasts, camera video, lighting, even security system features. With g! it’s all about you.



When it comes to daylight control, our shading solutions stand out among the rest.

Our solutions effectively manage daylight, so you can design a space that lets in plenty of natural light, yet blocks heat and glare when needed, while consistently saving energy and improving building efficiency.

Automated shades maximize the amount of daylight entering a space when you don’t need electric light.

Our wide selection of fabrics and price points makes it easy to choose the right shade for your application.

Our fabric options also include performance solar fabrics, metalized fabrics, blackout fabrics (which prevent all light from passing through the material), and designer fabrics. Additionally, we can fabricate shades from a customer’s own materials.

As for the control of the shades, we can tie it in with the lighting system so you have timers and clocks available for control or we have a simple remote that should suffice. Either way it will save energy, protect your furnishings, and look great


Structured Wiring:

Structured wiring forms the backbone of any home or business. High performance Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7 cabling, professional distribution modules and convenient connectors provide the infrastructure base that brings homes to life.


Our enclosures keep modules, power supplies and cabling organized for speedier installations and long-term durability. Our broad range of connectivity products, ranging from punch down terminals to data jacks to Keystone wallplates and inserts, ensures a reliable, clutter-free connection each and every time. Complete your install with our line of stylish wallplates.


After all of the wiring is punched down and terminated, we can provide your network with the equipment to make it all work, routers, access points, switches, it’s all part of our infrastructure to get you up and going.

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