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Kirkes Electric, Inc. has been serving the Central Valley and neighboring areas since 1949. We serve a wide variety of residential and commercial categories while providing exceptional customer care. Contact us today and find out how we can help you with all your electrical needs!

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Whole House Audio:

Relaxing and enjoyment.

From a simple 2 speaker system in another room to a 50 zone system throughout the home, we make it work for you. No more volume controls on the wall, now just use your phone or tablet touch screen to access everything. Our systems are controlled by your phone, pad, computer, remote or a touch screen on the wall. Have 8 different sources of music playing in 8 different areas.

Control the bass and treble for each zone, have 1 button to turn on all the zones. Play and control your favorite CD’s, listen to thousands of songs thru the internet, play the big game on the outside speakers, and go for a dip in the pool with your iPod playing music underwater in the pool. The possibilities are endless and the music is endless.


Structured Wiring:

Structured wiring forms the backbone of any home or business. High performance Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7 cabling, professional distribution modules and convenient connectors provide the infrastructure base that brings homes to life.

Our enclosures keep modules, power supplies and cabling organized for speedier installations and long-term durability. Our broad range of connectivity products, ranging from punch down terminals to data jacks to Keystone wallplates and inserts, ensures a reliable, clutter-free connection each and every time. Complete your install with our line of stylish wallplates.

After all of the wiring is punched down and terminated, we can provide your network with the equipment to make it all work, routers, access points, switches, it’s all part of our infrastructure to get you up and going.

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